Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

In today’s world, you find that almost everyone drinks alcohol. Some do it to drown away their problems, some do it because of social pressure and some do it because they can! When you have your first sip ever, you wonder – it’s so bitter! How do our parents

Physical Effects of Alcohol

Sustained drinking can change you from a mild mannered person to a shrieking monster. Read up on the signs before you lose control over your life. Nothing good can ever come out of drinking alcohol. Studies and research conducted all over the world on the effects of alcohol on

Effect of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol has severe adverse effects on the brain. Before you reach for your next tipple, you should read this. Everybody has a glass of alcohol once in a while, but whether one drinks every day or just one drink over the weekend, the fact of the matter is that

Understand the alcohol effects on the body

Alcohol effects on the body are accepted by all yet understood by only a few. It is therefore no surprise to see the majority of global populations are drinkers of alcohol. However, there is a big difference between being an alcohol drinking person and an alcoholic person. Whatever may

Effects of alcohol on different people

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol. Taking alcohol is not a bad thing, but as it is said excess of anything is bad, same applies to the consumption of alcohol also. Drinking heavily and regularly, which is also termed as the alcoholism is very bad for your health. This not