Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

In today’s world, you find that almost everyone drinks alcohol. Some do it to drown away their problems, some do it because of social pressure and some do it because they can! When you have your first sip ever, you wonder – it’s so bitter! How do our parents and relatives have it casually? Well, not everything in life is sweet. But let the record show that alcohol only does you bad, more than good. Here are benefits of not drinking alcohol:

Saves money –

Money makes the world go round. And alcohol doesn’t come by cheap. A person spends quite a lot on getting one drink that he/she may down in a minute to five minutes. Think about all the loans, debts, groceries and necessities you have to tend to. Think about saving for yourself, rather than indulging in yourself.

You may turn into an Alcoholic –

One drink is how it all begins. Sure, everyone drinks, but some people know their limits more than others. Some people can carry their liquor and not everyone drinks to escape their cold reality. And when you’re too drunk, your actions are no longer playful or nice. You may say or do things you’ll live to regret. This puts a gret deal of pressure on your loved ones.

Spares your liver –

Many people have died because they drank too much alcohol. Their liver gives up on them. But if you stop drinking now, your liver can recover and regenerate. A person with a collapsed liver suffers excruciating pain and that is something no one should bring upon themselves.

Improvement in facial features –

When we drink too much alcohol on a regular basis, it looks like we haven’t slept in ages and that we’ve been beaten up or something. We don’t always acknowledge or even care about what we look like when we are drunk. We’re too consumed by the liquor. But stopping that gives our face a chance to heal and revive it’ beauty.

Not letting your thoughts unravel –

When you’re as high as a kite, you are not really conscious of what you’re saying. You might as well be slandering another person or even revealing another person’s secret who you’ve promised you’d keep. This can get you into a lot of trouble. You’ll lose a lot of friends along with your dignity.

Gain respect from your loved ones –

The thought of being sober for a certain time period peaks a lot of how you’ve developed as a person. You gave up something that you enjoyed just for being a better person to yourself, your significant other and your family means a lot. It speaks volumes of you as a person. You will gain the respect of thousands. The important thing is to keep up your end of the bargain. Don’t go near drinks or parties or any place that might induce temptation that will lead to your downfall. Remember why you’ve given up. Remember who you really are.