Effects of alcohol on different people

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol. Taking alcohol is not a bad thing, but as it is said excess of anything is bad, same applies to the consumption of alcohol also. Drinking heavily and regularly, which is also termed as the alcoholism is very bad for your health. This not only harms the person who is drinking but it also harms the relations and the society of the person also. In many societies’ people take alcohol to relax, to celebrate or to socialize, but major challenge in these societies is to stop people getting indulging in the habit of drinking alcohol

alcohol effects on the body

Alcohol is actually a depressant drug, which works on the body by slowing down the activity of the nervous system of the body. Everyone is different and everybody responds differently to the consumption of alcohol. Generally, the effect of alcohol depends on the how much alcohol is consumed, how regularly it is consumed, whether this alcohol is taken with some snacks or empty stomach, weight of the person and most importantly the overall health of the person.

Effects of alcohol are further subdivided into two subcategories and these are:

  • Short term effects
  • Long term effects

Short term effects of alcohol

  • Mind and body becomes relaxed
  • It reduces concentration
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Incorrect judgment
  • Affected coordination
  • Aggressive behavior

Long term effects of alcohol

  • Physical problems: It affects your liver, heart, brain, reproductive system and can also cause stomach inflammation.
  • Emotional Problems: It leads to depression, and also affects your relationships and affects your family life also.
  • Social problems: It affects your performance, work, efficiency and can lead to financial problems as well.
  • In case of pregnant ladies it can harm your baby or can even lead to miscarriage.
  • Excessive intake can also increase the risk of cancer.

Effect of alcohol on various parts of the body

Heart: Excessive intake of alcohol can weaken the pumping action of the heart, and thus increasing the chances of heart failure.

Liver: Alcohol has most serious effect on the liver. Excessive drinking of alcohol can damage your liver. Alcohol actually kills the cells of the liver, thus liver cannot work properly and efficiently. This problem is called as the Cirrhosis.

Stomach: It can irritate your stomach and you may feel some regular pain in the stomach.

Skin: Excessive drinking of alcohol widen your blood vessels present in your skin, this leads more blood to flow through the facial, thus producing flushed color and also increases the heat of the body.

Reproductive Organs: Excessive alcohol can adversely affect your reproductive system. In males this can depresses nerve impulses which actually cause erections and in female this reduces the chances of being pregnant and if you are already pregnant it can affect the growth and intelligence of your baby. In some cases it may lead to miscarriage.

Weight: Alcohol being rich in sugar and carbohydrates, can lead to some very serious weight problems.